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Name: Hooded Jacket S.I.N. Jhostarhe

Age: 1 in actual age, but look-wise 17, the perfect age for rebelling against society.

Height: 5'11

Rank: Rank? Oh, like style ranks in DmC? Triple S, baby! SSSensational!! (In reality, it's a mystery to even him, but he's looking at a solid Strongmen)


Hair: Black and red, baby! The only colors that matter. And spiked. Gotta keep it spiked and edgy. Or maybe free-flowing  so the wind can carry his locks whenever he marches off to battle? Ah, the choices are endless!

Skin: Carmine. Not red, not dark red, fuckin' Carmine.

Eye color: Black as the souls of the damned and irises as red as the blood that is spilled by my weapons. Pretty neat description, eh?

His usual garb consists of his name sake with the HellCorp uniform underneath, some tattered jeans, fingerless gloves and some steel toed boots.


Super Hot FIYAH: You know what's rad? Being able to shoot hot fire. You know what's fuckin' rad, though? Being able to shoot and spit hot fire. Thanks to the magic power of propane, Hoodie is able to expel flames from his fingers, feet, and mouth. Now if only he could find a way to light his limbs on fire without malfunctioning.

Rebel Razors: Two wrist blades that pop out from the arm. Think Baraka but more stylish.

Personality: Ever since his activation, Hoodie has been one fiesty motherfucker. Edge is his aesthetic and he shows it through typical "tch's" and "feh's". But outside of rebellious behavior that'd make a fallen angel question why isn't he on heaven's side, there's a surprisingly well oiled mind in Hoodie's noggin. He's a patient bunch with fellow demons and will often want to spar with his fellow comrades to test their strength. After all, it's practice for the big game! He's also rather patient with anyone wanting to learn how to fight, and will often give 'em the quick rundown. But if you're a John, then get the fuck out of his sight because he is not wasting time on your stubborn ass.

Biography: Conception is a pretty strange thing. When does life truly begin in this stage? Within the egg? When the fetus is formed? The moment your dad shoots you out of your dick? In Hoodie's case, it began at a scrapyard as two young Jhostahre robots began searching for parts to make a "Brother". That and why spend money on ordering one when you can cook up your own for the low, low price of free? Three hours later, a recharging there and a quick coat of wax there and out comes Hoodie! Granted, being made from scrap did have it's flaws. One of them being shit hearing. Even with a refurbished look and the Jhostahre name now added to his reputation, this fucker cannot hear just about anything for the life of him. One minute it's good, the next minute it's switching from left to right ear and then it just fucks off. But despite this minor setback, Hoodie was still made for a reason. With Ruban being the speaker and Lenta being the enforcer, Hoodie took up the role as the enthusiast. Spreading word of mouth, hanging up posters, the usual lackey business. Even though it'd be like kicking himself in the non-existent dick to listen to authority, mum is very much the word and if you looked at it, it was spreading hype. And demons are pretty hype! After all, what isn't hype about him? He's a fucking bad-ass! And with a tournament on the horizon, how could he NOT sign up? Besides, the more angels, the more fun he get's to have!

Relations with others:

Chapeau: It's weird knowing that your mom's not really your mom because technically your sisters are your mom, but with that confusion aside, Hoodie treats Chap as boss first, mother second and is always looking forward to whatever assignment she gives him.

Lenta: Lenta is...well, she's Lenta. And also has a general dislike of Hoodie cuz of icky boy cooties, so that's definitely a thing as well. Questions her tastes in anime in both seriousness and joking wise.

Ruban: While he has yet to call Lenta a buddy per se, Ruban has been a pleasent person to bond with. Outside of the memes and sick no-scopes, Hoodie has found a pretty rad sister in Ruban.


-Sick Combos


-Character action games

-Fighting games

-Any game where you get to punch a fucker is just good, ok?

-Being hype

-Delivering hype

-His weapons

-Disobeying the system (within limits, that is. He doesn't want Mum Chap to take away his blades.)

-Loud, bassy and rock heavy music with a touch of electronic

-Anime (to an extent. What the fuck is this weeby bullshit, GO BACK TO THE HYPE.)

-Exoskeleton armor

-Food (Have you ever had that pizza stuff? That shit ain't half bad.)

-Nonstop, intense, red-hot, climax action LET'S GO CRAZY!!1!

-Remixes of already kick-ass songs

-Terrible fanfiction (My Immortal gives hm LIFE)


-Cringe worthy bullshit (Humans can do some pretty ridiculous  shit and seeing them fail is HILARIOUS.)


Getting D-rank or lower in "missions" a.k.a assignments from Chap



-Salty Johns


-Country Music

-Tentacles, lolicons and underage incest/incest in general (whAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, LENTA)

-Stubborn people

-Fake edgy

-"Lol so random!1" comments

-SJW's/ people who don't know shit about things they talk about.


-The S.I.N in his name stands for Sparta Indominus Nitrous. Yes, he did give that middle name to himself, and yes he still thinks it's kind of cool when you don't laugh at how fucking ridiculous it is.

-Can take off his head whenever needed thanks to a small usb key in the back of his neck. Lenta, Ruban, and Chap all have copies of said key, and yes it's absolutely hilarious to walk up and steal his head.

-Voice wise, think this Edgy McEdgerson with a dash of snark and voice modifications in the likes of Cinder because you gotta have your snark with your edge. However, thanks to shit hearing he only talks when he's coincident with his hearing. Other than that, he has another voice voice in the vein of Springtrap from Five Nights at Fuckboy's that he uses when hearing goes to shit.

-tfw you can't listen to your hype songs and it just echoes throughout the room.

-Very little of his technology is known to people outside the original trio. But his programming had bits from all three creators. With specific orders not to kill 'Family'. E.g. Kit, Pantchains, Chapeau, Cap, Shorty and Heelies.

-Doesn't really have that much of a grudge of angels, but guy's c'mon. Leave the anarchy and rebellious stylized action to a true professional. They are fun to fight tho.

-Knows a shit ton of fighting game move-sets that he tries to implement into his attacks/training.

-Will fight anyone if they're willing. Hell, he'll fight himself! He'll kick your ass, he'll kick your dog's ass, he'll kick your ass's ass, he'll kick his own ass.

-Draws a lot in spare time, often designing more propaganda for HellCorp.

-Pronounces some words strangely (Ex= Ruban as Roo-bon, Chapeau as Chap-pew and  wrestling  as rustling. Just to name a few)

-Just like his sisters, he has ano kill clause. Yeah, fighting is hella and all, but he's not here to cause controversy.

-Has a love/hate relationship with Hot Topic.

-Has a soft side that he shows mostly around the family. He may act like a dick,  but he's not exactly a douche.

-Carries around a little black book filled with catchphrases and nicknames to use which is saved onto a little black usb for back-up.

-Wanna play some old  ass fighters/beat 'em ups ? No problem! Just download a ROM  into Hoodie and slap some controllers into him. His eyes double as projectors and will display your game in a crisp format.

-Henshin theme because he wants to be a special little snowflake even tho he can't henshin. But fuck it, any excuse to blast sick tunes.

-Chumhandle/ Trillian username: angst Blazer

Lenta - :iconfaroresvault: 

Ruban, Chap - :icongeneralleonhart: 

Hoodie - :iconzakutaku:

Obi - DCW by ZakuTaku
Obi - DCW

Art by the amazing :iconfaroresvault: who is the absolute best and you guys should totally watch.

Name: Obi Ravissepto II

Age: 144 (Born on August 5, 1990)

Gender: Male

Height:  6'11.5

Species: Angel

Rank: Archangel

Weapon: Guinness; a long reach chainsaw.

Class: Recruit

Base: Originally Delta, moved to Psi after a bad night terror incident.


Personality: Although he still retains a bit of his goofballish behavior from his pre-war years, Obi's personality has changed over the many decades he's spent in the now ruined Daten.  He's become a tad bit stubborn and often direct and to the point when talking to some people. You can see him mumbling to himself about something, but those are rare cases. He's also become a somewhat realist. He will try his best to keep a head held high for others and for his own sake, especially in front of Anklet and Kit. But despite his stubbornness, somewhat lack of care for his safety and himself, you can bet your ass Obi will defend you to the death if you're a friend of his.


Bio: Once upon a time there was a fallen angel named Obi. He was in dire need of Jesus. Upon his time in Daten, he found other people who were also in dire need of Jesus. These are the people he called his friends, and eventually his family. During the time they spent in Daten, Obi, along with his older sister, spent their time repenting ghosts, foiling demons plans and eventually settling into the fucked up city quite well. While his elder sibling was adjusting to the new life style of no 24/7 fightan games, Obi was already on a good role before the great fall, having already found himself a job at a local bakery with a certain turbonerd, getting his butt back into school and going college bound, and meeting the closest person he could call a brother. Yup! Things seemed like they were sailing smoothly for him altogether! And eventually after years of hard work and determination, the young fallen eventually got his fair share of heavens and was allowed back into the heavenly gates. Buuuut, he wasn't quite ready to go back just yet. Due to some personal reasons, Obi didn't go back up just yet. Instead, he joined his grandfather for a 3 year trip across the world for some well needed soul searching, leaving his friends and sister behind to whatever they would do, but promised them that he would all return and keep in touch with them all.

3 years pass, and Obi comes back to Daten, welcomed in open arms as he was greeted by his newly redeemed sister and of course, the friends he'd made in Daten. Plans to stay and train more were immediately set in stone, as well as take care of that personal thing back up in heaven (with support from his closest friends to help him of course).    


So, like his life prior before his leaving, it seemed as if things were looking as clear as they were before! His future was bright, his friends had been with him through good and bad, and he nothing would ever change that... Right?


Boy, was he so wrong. He was so goddamn wrong.

Like everyone else in the abbey and in Daten, no one expected 2033 to be the year where everything went to complete and utter chaos.


Obi didn't know what to do. Nearly all of his friends were dying left and right, and the fact that the heavens were being assaulted as well, terrified him to the core. Not knowing what to do, he did what pretty much everyone else did; run. Run as fast as he could as he tried to save as much of whatever he could find. But for now, all that he and sister could do was lay low with the others....


Years, decades, centuries. Who knew how long it had been to Obi before he was able to find a suitable living place in Delta base with his sister. But over the years, the boy's personality had changed. He'd become less joyous and goofy and more of a realist, more soft spoken and that of a loner. Although he did speak most of the time and did show some smiles to people, private conversations with him over pc or in real life could prove one thing; the boy was not well. His sister was noticeable about this, spying his younger brother going days without sleep and carrying around multiple books, often talking to himself saying that he'd "help you in anyway possible", and when he got off of whatever work he was doing, he'd retreat to....somewhere.


Eventually, the elder sister left to help out at Sigma, asking the closest people she knew (in this case, Kit and Anklet) to just message the boy now and then to see how he was doing mental health wise.


And then, April 26th happened. Things began to take a turn for the screwy for Obi as he couldn't help but feel some sort of blame inside of himself as the possibility that his sister was quite possibly dead began to haunt him. Nights seemed more colder, the empty space that is their room seemed more haunted. And the night terrors.... oh, the night terrors and how they haunted him. Twisted visions of the past came back to haunt him, and the voice of a familiar rival appeared to him, taunting him for the losses he had. And even though his sister and nephew were found safe, he still couldn't help but feel some repsponsibility.

 These following factors angered Obi greately,  which resulted in a rather destructive episode of lucid dreaming that then turned into an attempted suicide, with a nearly broken sister having discovered the still breathing body, Obi was rushed to Psi and given immediate medical attention. Thankfully, a full recovery was made for the angel as he slowly gained back physical and mental health. However, he was questioned heavily for his drastic actions and this did take some time to get a response from hm, but it would eventually be Tragus who would be the one to break the camel's back as Obi confessed his troubles.

"I'm...I'm just scared. Terrified. I've lost so much over the years that I was scared of losing more. First grandpa and Aunt Jean, and now I could've lost my own sister and you, Trag. I...I just felt weak. What if couldn't save anyone? What if I wasn't strong enough to save someone. I figured that...maybe the world would've been fine without me and that you all would've been gone on like nothing happened. What good is an angel who can't even save the people closest to him?"

This response was met with both halves respecting and frustrated. Between all the "OBI, WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK, OF COURSE YOU'RE USEFUL," and the "Obi, c'mon man, you're not the one to throw a pity party," a neutral ground was found and an understanding was given to Obi. Taking some advice from his friends (as well as a few punches to the arm), Obi permenantly moved to Psi, where he would then discover a certain senorita helping out at the day care. Not one to leave one understaffed, Obi helped her out and the two eventually became friends.

Now with a renewed and healthy mindset, Obi continues to help out in anyway possible, even brushing up on some magic and training in order to help outside of the wastes. After all, he isn't gonna go down just yet! And if he does fall down, he know's that he can count on a relying hand from his family to help get him back up. Followed by a whack to the head if he ever does over do himself. After all, he knows that he's still out there, and he could never forgive himself if he lets anyone fall victim to him ever again.

Relations with others:


-Kit: Absolutely ADORES her. Practically considers and loves her a second mother.  But over the years, he has seen her personality change into more of a serious tone, fitting the role of Ophanim extremely well. But in a way, he's found himself almost scared/intimidated of her. Don't get him wrong, he absolutely cares for her with all of his heart, but there are days when he feels as if he can't get the exact words out of his mouth when talking to her (stuttering, silence, groans, etc.). But, a smack on the back of the head often get's him back to reality and back to talking terms with her. He knows that she is a busy person, and is often not the first to start up a conversation with her unless it's either important or she starts first. But besides some goof ups here and there, Obi considers Kit to be a huge part of his family and wouldn't have it any other way.


-Anklet: Like Kit, Obi absolutely adores the Cherubim as well. Anklet was the first fallen angel friend he made in Daten, and seeing how far he had come from a fallen to a Cherubim made him ever the more proud of him even more. He has butted some heads with him over the years, but it's mostly either sparring or joking around. Considers him to be a good father figure and a brother, and would gladly serve along his side.


-Tragus: What can Obi say about his nephew? Besides the fact that he's proud that the human has become a shining example of a leader in recon, or that he owes him his life for not only being there for his sister but for also knocking some sense into him, Obi finds Tragus to be an absolute joy to be around and is always happy to help him


-Romper: A friendly soul and a damn good tailor at that, Obi enjoys spending time with the resident blacksmith whenever he's in Psi. He also trusts her as someone to vent to about stuff every now and then. Also hey, another ridiculously long haired person to be friends with.


-Chaqueta: Hoo mama, where did this chickadee come from?! It started as a simple glance from afar. Then it turned into bumping into each other at the orphanage. The next thing he knows, the two are chatting up a storm about... well, anything! Upon first look at the former news reporter, Obi found himself immediately interested in the girl. And as the weeks went by, Obi found himself slowly growing fond of her company. She had quite the stories, knew how to handle herself in battle, and was just.... a cutie. He may not notice it, but he get's the honeyglow running to his cheeks whenever he spends some time with Chaqueta, and hopefully will get to know her better.


Sleeves: He's his sister, of course he loves the girl to death! Granted, the two have had their fair share of rocky roads along the way. Between Sleeves pressuring him to join up as a recruit and Obi's silence not really being the words that the elder sibling would necessarily want to hear, and you have some good bickering here and there. But in actuality, Sleeves just wants her brother to do well so she wouldn't have to worry so much about him when he does get into a fight. She's just not exactly the best person to know how to put it into words.

Rook: Goddamit, what is it with older women and Obi that he just can't get away from? Nonetheless, Obi has found Rook to be the sweetest sweetheart one could ever be. Not only was she a major help for him after his suicide attempt, he also looks to her as a person whom he knows he can trust. Also, he miiiight have had a crush on her back then? He doesn't know nor does he not want to go further into it. Either way, Rook is a solid 11/10, would smooch on the forehead.




- Henshin theme (Placeholder? It is a mystery)

-Guinness isn't his only weapon! He has Oldman, a Crescent Moon Spade given to him by his grandfather after his three year travel with him. Keeps it in a secret compartment and trains with it every now and then.

-Still has nightmares once every blue moon, but they are not as intense as they were before

- Has a mother and father that were up in heaven pre-war wise. As of now, their information/whereabouts is still pretty unknown to both siblings.

- Has grown out his hair by a fuck-ton. This decision was based off of a conversation he had with Kit, saying that he'd look quote on quote "pretty hella" if he grew it. This has lead to many of the kids in Psi using it as a hiding spot, a snuggie, puling on it for fun and to get his attention, and most notably, some of them calling him "Mufasa" or a lion.

-Will play the part of the supportive rock often too much, which has lead to him getting a few scrapes now and then. Dismisses them as flesh wounds and tells others not to worry. Spoiler alert: Some worry.

- Has a rapid and very high fear of disappointing and letting others down. Seeing how the closest people to a mother and father figure are heads of bases, Obi knows that he has to work hard. In fact, it's one of the few reasons why he chose to become a ranger; to not let them down. Couple that with wanting to prove the night terrors that taunted him wrong, and the angel does his best to push himself to try and not only protect himself, but also the family he's grown to know and love.

-Often thinks that many of his friends could be better off without him. And then get's smacked in the back of the head back to reality by said friend(s).

-Has a various assortment of cloaks.

-Has shown interest in learning magic.

-Still has his Zipper Rat Netsuke to this day. Granted missing an eye and leg.

-Has had a few incidents where he has almost tripped on his hair. One incident being during a race against Pom. Fell flat right on his face.

-Still carves wood as a hobby. Makes little figurines for the kids and friends.

-tfw you have to duck under some entrances.


-Chumhandle/Trillian Username: mildtemperedGuardian

Obi, Sleeves - :iconzakutaku:

Kit, Tragus, Rook - :iconfaroresvault:

Anklet, Romper - :iconvividexplorer:

Chaqueta - :iconsenseidezzy:

2 decades have passed already? Man, time is something else.
"The Obidipus Complex"

That's it. Me and Techy cracked the case of my OC, Ladies and gents.
Glad to get those pesky numbers outta there.
Possible Character Theft In PSG Season 2 Webcomic"I have a lot of stuff to say about this project right now, but all I can say really is that the artists behind the project are sweet people, and they deserve so much support just on their own.
As of right now, though, a post has been made by the main dude behind the webcomic that I feel everyone should be aware of, for it consists possible theft in the near future.
The original post is here. Here's a screencap in case of said post being possibly deleted.
I want to say right now that if you catch someone's character being used in this comic, please report it to them as soon as possible and to the site it is being hosted on (in this case, smackjeeves). This isn't anything like a "shout-out" or a "compliment" if the artist featuring your character is taking them and not giving you the credit you deserve for making a great character, especially

Alright guys, I've never been the one to point out some stuff when it comes to character theft, but this one is pretty dang close to some mutuals of mine. Read the journal linked above for more info, but basically to put into a shorter TL;DR, some dude by the name of Tucker has a PSG webcomic and he's roaming around dA or God knows where else and taking Panty and Stocking original characters for his webcomic to make profits apparently and "launch his career".




As a close friend to some artists who worked with this man, I only hope that they don't get jipped on this.
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