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Name:  Phanny-Pack W. Grest

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Heavenbent)

Weapon: "Black Friday", A homemade weapon that also doubles as a flamethrower.

Personality:  Always the overworking type. Will try and do his best to fix any problem needed. However, he can get a bit delusional and his plans can fall into "So crazy it might work" and "absolute asinine". He's also quite the sleepy fella, but will not have it with anyone's BS. He's also pretty crazy with Duct tape and will try his best to fix/solve anything. One can often blame his cynic behavior due to his workaholic tendencies, but the boy is trying his best, so be patient with him, and he'll be patient with you.


The Grest family has always had eccentric people, but of all of them, Pack was determined to be the one plain daffodil in the metaphorical field of zinnias. Not out of spite, mind you! The boy did care for his family, but he was more of an observer than a doer. Father inviting him out for his yearly hunts? He’d much rather study for the big test. Ghost attacking the cities and everyone in the fam doing their best to fight them off?

“Sorry, man. Got an algebra test in like five minutes. Good luck though, man.” 

This trail of normality would last until his sophomore year in high school, where he would apply for a part time job at the local Mall-Wart. It was the simple the life for him in those days. School, homework, job, repeat. A simple schedule that would be enough to last for who knows what. Better than whatever his dad or sisters were doing, that’s for sure. The boy liked his day to be predictable.

But those predictable days would soon come to a halt as the superstore started becoming not so super in the sorts because surprise, surprise! The quaint shopping center was built upon the grounds of a not so quaint witch hunting ground.  Which meant all types of spooky things were happening around the store. Poltergeists in TV’s, rotten food, and even slime. Just…slime everywhere, man. 

And the problems just kept on piling. Employee’s transferring to new locations, workplace accidents, and cut paychecks were just a few examples of what plagued the store. Eventually, the staff of fifty was boiled down into a staff of just nine, including Pack.  Graveyard shifts were put into effect immediately so that the small crew could report any ghoulish activity and then send it to the local abbey nearby. And boy were those hours grueling. Some days, it’d be just a tossed over couch or a spilled soda, other days there would be times where someone was almost possessed. Days became week until only Pack and the general manager were left, leaving the high-school student to handle both day and night shift, practically making the store his second home.

But enough was enough for Pack. Instead of waiting forever for someone to respond, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Lucky for him his dad was a ghost hunter, so he knew some of the partial tricks into fighting ghosts. And by “knew”, he meant skimming over the first few pages. Call it sheer luck or even gumption, but Pack managed to capture the ghosts into a single cage, seal it away
with duct tape and toss it in the local river. Problem solved, yeah? So he thought.

Come the day of the grand re-opening was an event that Pack described as “Blackest Friday”. Those ghosts he threw away in the river? They were back. And MAN WERE THEY PISSED. Not only were they pissed, but they were after Pack specifically. Thank fuck dad and some other angels were around to slay the beast. And guess who managed to deal the most damage to that bugger? Pack himself. Impressed by his son’s action, both father and son had a talk about Pack’s action and the boy eventually gave in and decided that ghost hunting actually wasn’t that bad. However, he gave his father two stipulations upon becoming a hunter.

One, he was to be allied to no one and be an independent hunter. And two, he wanted to hunt his own way with his own weapons. Currently, Pack lives with his siblings and is up to his 2nd year working at the store, and currently looking for a college to apply at. As for ghost hunting? Well, it’s something alright. And with the slew of ghosts that Daten shits out nearly every hour, he’s ready to do some bustin’.


  • Can't do the henshin's, but he does have a theme when shit get's serious (…)
  • Not the only child, surprisingly! He's actually the middle child with two sisters! One's a 14 year old freshmen at his high school whom wants to be a journalist and the other is a 22 year old in college who works for the local police. And yes, they do worry for the boy.
  • Coffee is love, Coffee is life.
  • (Pack Voice): Please don't touch the coffee machine, that has my soul.
  • Due to taking both night and day shift, Pack has gotten a bit delusional when not having his coffee. One of the most re-occurring ones is that he constantly thinks his boss is going to fire him because he's slacking, when in reality he's actually doing a damn fine job of keeping the place tidy and often sends him home early because he's worked overtime without his know.
  • Duct tape is, and always shall be his best friend.
  • Please don't call him Phanny, just please. He thinks it's dorky.
  • Has a zipper pet Macaw named Earbir (Er-bur) that he got as a present from his dad during one of his annual hunts. Does a fantastic Gilbert Gottfried impression.
  • Still has war flashbacks of Blackest Friday.
  • Is cousins with Shades due to his dad remarrying.
  • (If you want to interact with him) PC handle: walmartApproved
DCR: Legwarmers by ZakuTaku
DCR: Legwarmers

12/22/15: (Update 2): Now in stunning digital color courtesy of :iconsenseidezzy:

Who's ready for some pumped up kicks? And I'm not just talking about Foster the People.

Also DCR is in dire need of more fightbaes and I aim to do so.


Name: Legwarmers Maus Achilles (Legs or Leggie works as well)

Age: 22 (Born July 29, 2003)

Height: 5'9


Species: Angel

Rank: Fallen (Wrath)

Weapon:  Chunner-Stunner, Leg armor that allows for heavy hits alongside quick movement. Secondary is a Luger Pistol named Ferrigno.


  •  Tomboyish
  • Peppy and lively
  • Always itching for a challenge
  • Motivator and hype-woman
  • Gotta go fast
  • Carnivore 4 lyfe
  • Stepping queen in training
  • Stubborn at admitting self's faults
  • Short-tempered

Little Leggie was raised among two former athletes, her mother an archer and her father a boxer. And seeing how both were athletes, it only seemed fit for her to pick up a sport now would she? And boy did she love using them legs that the lord granted her. Whether it was running, soccer, swimming, or anything else involving her legs, Legwarmers loved to do it and her parents supported her in whatever she did. However, these happy times slowly turned into hard ones. As the family talked about what the future held for them on the drive back home after her graduation ceremony, a speeding car struck the family. A funeral for two followed weeks later as both mother and father were laid to rest as a the two wept, the soul of their young daughter flitting above to heaven.

Heaven was a bit of shock for Legs as she awoke in the clouded city above, immediately asking if both parents were OK. To her relief, they were and her mind put at ease. But what would her life be of now since her time on Earth was pretty much non-existent at this time? Seeing as how heaven was a vast place, she was sure to find something to do, right? Well, the lord seemed to know exactly what Legs wanted, because as soon as she could even think of any sports, one slack-jawed, winged talent scout saw potential in the young angel. And by potential, he meant "fast money", but she was fresh out of the coffin, so the opportunity was perfect!

In a matter of months, Legwarmers gained rep throughout heaven in so many sports. Kickboxing, Swimming, Rollerblading; you name it, Legs had probably done it. And as the praise and rewards fell onto her, the money landed straight towards her scout, with a "fair" 80/20 cut. And while money was nice, Legs's eyes were on the gold. She had gained a fierce competitive streak and thanks to taking on so many sports all at once and the desire to win was extremely high. All that was missing was one last trophy to complete the first rack of pure gold; diving.  Knowing she had this in the bag, why bother training? Just wait out til the day comes and score the gold just like that. And as the promised date came on her, she gave her all and came out with a glimmering silver!

Wait...Silver? Silver? Granted silver was a nice shade of shine but silver? Huh, guess you can't win them all, right? So this turned from returning back to her scout with a silver trophy, she was met with a rather surprising sight. The once slack jawed and greedy agent was now bitter and extremely nervous. All the money they won from their wins? A result of a gambling hand. And this was one gamble he couldn't imagine losing; a deal with an enforcer. The shelf of gold was now barren and a note laid there in bold ink directed at the two.

"Botch the next gold, and the only mineral you two are gonna get is the dirt."

With the stakes set extremely high for her, Legwarmers trained her ass off for her next event scheduled; an MMA match in 3 weeks. Legs took every route possible to get in tip-top shape. Diets, purging, anything that made her sweat, she did it. Even if there were nights where she felt tired and her bones weak and brittle, she kept at it. The awaited fight came and all weights were piled on top of her as the 5'9 angel was pitted against 6'6 Tank Top "T-Rex" Mando. But before the stepped into the ring, her scout slipped her a little somethin' somethin' for good luck. Nothing too serious really, just two pills that had the effects of amphetamines and steroids aptly dubbed "Sonic & Knuckles". Welp, some of the greats had to pop a pill eventually, right?

"Hope you're watchin' me, Mom and Dad. Leggie's gonna go fight herself a dinosaur."

The bell rang and Legwarmers could feel the pills effects kick in. First of all, whoa, colors everywhere. And second of all, god was she alive!  20 seconds in and she was nyooming all over the place, landing blows and barely getting hit. 30 seconds and she landed an amazing suplex! The crowd cheering! The excitement from the announcers!! The beautiful, beautiful waves of purple fluid that gushed out of her opponent!!! Why, it was so exciting and awesome that she passed out right there in the octagon! She was sure to win the gold after that amazing show! She was SURE to!

When she woke up however, she wasn't greeted by the cheers of adoring fans and the golden trophy that would be hers to claim. Instead, she awoke in a hospital, her body aching like crazy as her vision cleared up, spotting the TV nearby playing a news report about her match. And what she saw terrified the angel. Instead of the peppy usual self she saw whenever the sports highlights reel came up, she saw something else. A raggedy, worn out shell of a fighter wailing out blow after blow on Tank Top, his body barely moving as officials had to come in and restrain the girl. And although Tank Top survived, damage done to his legs and spine was permanent, with many believing that the man wouldn't be able to step into the ring once more.  And with the higher ups gaining knowledge of this alongside the girl fessing up that drugs were involved in her brief rampage, Legs was naturally sent on down to the dirty doorstep of the world known as Daten.

While most angels would take this fall with grace and immediately work on their faults as soon as possible, Legs was quite the opposite. In fact, she was royally pissed. Nothing a few kicks here and there wouldn't fix right? And let's take 'em out on some of those buildings yeah? Yeaaaaaaah, that'd work just fine.

But, this "anger release" as she called it landed her butt in an anger management council and over at the fine folks at FABO, where she would then lend her talents and now slightly mellowed self to the group. And with a wrestling league in the makes, Legs quickly found herself in a new home sweet home, ready for a fresh new start.


  • Fighting
  • Neon colored things
  • 80's B-movies
  • 80's soundtracks
  • the 80's aesthetic really
  • Beating personal records
  • Steak, steak is nice, steak is really fucking choice
  • Good healthy rivalries
  • Running
  • Rollerblading
  • Moose
  • Cherries
  • Exercising
  • Dancing


  • Overly critical people
  • Being bedridden
  • Cheating
  • The number 9 by itself
  • Settling for silver (a pet peeve she's trying to break)
  • Chili (Too heavy for a girl of her stature)
  • Florida (Why must all the good neon be trapped in a state that's constantly being burned to a crisp, WHY.)


-Has had many run-in's with a certain punchy demon. Is it a rivalry? Did the two just get off on the wrong foot? It's a mystery to all.
-Doesn't know half of her strength much of the time.
-Run's a blog where she review's retro-eccentric movies.
-Her guiltiest pleasure? The Longest Yard remake is one of her all-time favorite flicks. Yes, the one with Adam Sandler in it, she's sorry, ok?
-An absolute sucker for musicals. Her favorites?A tie between Flashdance and Footloose.
-Is fluent in English, Japanese, German and some slight Spanish.
-Just because she loves crap movies doesn't mean her taste is all entirely crap! Those movie's are like car crashes man, she can't get enough of them.
-Owes 300 dollars in property damage to at least 2 Blockbusters.
-Wanna have a fun time? Play a co-op game with her and see how salty/angry she get's.
-Henshin theme
-Chumhandle: fearlessFlashdancer

Mousquetaire - :iconever-so-nitro:

DCR: Gauge by ZakuTaku
DCR: Gauge
Time to shred some notes and rock yo' soul!


Also art by :icongeneralleonhart: for being a bro and providing art for the witch.

Ear Gauge Thara Carlin

Age: 20 (Born on November 17th 2005)

Height: 5'9 (6'1 with platform boots)

Species: Human

Gender:  Female

Weapons:  WE-NO, An electric guitar that doubles as a sheath for her sword and U-NO, A microphone stand that doubles as a pole-arm.

Rank: Neutral

Personality: Gauge is everyone's big fun loving sister, and it's an air that she really loves. Whether it be just for a laugh, a serious talk or needing to bail out of, Gauge will always be there to help. However, don't expect her to be there for you 24/7. She is going to expect you to grow up and depend for yourself. They don't call it tough love for no reason, sugar. She's also a big trickster and loves to fool around whenever she has enough free time, be it with friends or by herself.  But family always comes first before fun. She's also not afraid to get her hands dirty, given her work as a technician on the side.

Bio: Gauge's life prior to her idol-hood is a story of loss, personal growth and chances. Instead of being welcomed into the world with a warm blanket and a doctor, the young girl was left at the doorstep belonging to two young men. A surprise and rather cliched, seeing how both of them have been praying for a child to call their own, Gauge was welcomed into their arms and loved as soon as they brought her in. But as they picked up the tiny baby girl out of her basket, the couple gasped in surprise as the small child was missing her right forearm.

Nervous and scared at this revelation, the two rushed over to a hospital, having explained their situation and was quickly examined. And while the results came back showing that it'd been a birth defect, the baby still had a clean bill of health. The real question being was what to do with the child? Both men immediately knew the answer would be to adopt the child, but searching for Gauge's mother would take sometime, so while the child was placed in foster care, legal action was taken.

A year has gone by and after lengthy police searches, a couple of court meetings and occasional visits to the center, a biological match was found belonging to one Knee-High Socks Thara. Granted it took another two months to convince her to schedule a meeting with the hopeful adopters. And when the fated meeting came, the two men were greeted by a nervous and shaky teen. She told them all what had happened. From her family's well known status as mages to her stupid mistake of doing it unprotected with a spring break fling. The girl was tired of having to follow tradition and being kept under a strict line and she wanted to branch away from it, but not that far.

"I knew if I aborted her I'd never forgive myself, but if I kept her, where could I turn to?" The now nineteen year old wept as she looked over at her soon to be two year old daughter. As both three guardians signed the papers, the men knew they couldn't just leave her in the condition she was now. For the next 7 years, the three lived together in an apartment, each providing for one another and helping Gauge grow up to be a healthy girl. It was also in this time that Knee-High completed college and got herself a degree in nursing. But as soon as it seemed that life was going well for the small family, tragedy struck again. A tornado approached their apartment and decimated everything, including Knee-High herself. As they searched through the pile that was once their home, the two men found her pale body pelted with debris as a crying Gauge begged for her mother to get up, the young girl teary eyed as she held onto her pocket watch, the source of her mother's magic.

Seeing the rest of the city in shambles and nowhere else to go, the surviving residents were taken aboard a boat that lead to Daten City. It was a shaky move at first, but with enough savings and money given to them by their home insurance, the three eventually moved into a new apartment and enrolled Gauge into a nearby school.

Throughout her school years, Gauge was given a rough time due to both her disadvantage with having only one full arm and her raising, which in turn lead her to becoming very defensive of her family and change her outer appearance with the hair style she has currently. Around middle school was where Gauge became interested in picking up music and magic. Seeing how she was the daughter of a mage, it was only a matter of time til she'd eventually bust out a spell or two. And after being exposed to a lot of music videos from the heydays of the 80's, Gauge knew that music would be her calling. There was a bit of a problem however; how in the heck was she gonna play with only one arm? Well, through one prosthetic arm and some jiggery-pokery with some spells she dabbled with, Gauge was able to fix up a decently working arm! And man did she love it!

Roll around to her high school graduation at a healthy age of 18, and Gauge couldn't be happier, getting not only valedictorian but a new electric guitar from her parents, but a surprise appearance from...MOM?! Yup! The mage was back from the heavens above and couldn't be more proud of her daughter more than ever.

And with that chapter of her life finished, Gauge would then move on to what she calls the "Struggle" years. Already enrolled in college, Gauge knew that while her music skills were fine and dandy, she needed a back up job to fall back on in case her music went to shit. And she was sure that the magic industry already had enough people, so why not try mechanic stuff? I mean, hey, mechanical arm, works with an instrument that plugs into mechanical stuff, so fuck it, worth a shot, right? Besides, with college having a good engineering/mechanic program, she could totally give it a shot alongside her music.

Speaking of music, She was in a couple of bands! One was a simple weekend gig at a coffee shop which was just for kicks, but the one she spent a good time with after high school was one called Chorus Loin. Yeah yeah, terrible name aside, the two years she spent with them before calling it quits was a bit of a mixed bag. Firstly, the band was an all male group and the lead singer, Spike Bracelet was just oozing testosterone. Secondly, was the position she was given when she tried to audition for a guitarist. A groupie? Marketing chick? Fuck that noise, she wants to make crowd go crazy with her mad skills. After impressing most of the band with her skills and even getting Spike to shrug a bit, she was ready to go! And boy, did they suck at first. I mean, when one of your hit songs is titled "Kiss my Kill", you know you're preeetty sucky. But, Big Sis Gauge was here to make the crowd go crazy, and did they love her! Thanks to her skills, Loin Chorus was making their way to the top pretty fast. However, lead singer wasn't having it. It was a Halloween night and TerrorDome, one of the biggest rock concerts this side of OzzFest had come to Daten. And guess who landed the 13th spot on opening night. All jacked up and ready to go, Gauge was hyped beyond hype as she grabbed her guitar, slipped on her witch themed costume and...thoroughly denied to play.

"Listen here, groupie," Spike said as he glared down at her. "Chorus Loin is about me, got it? Me and my MEN. The only reason you're even strumming away on that guitar is for the PR and MY fans to go gaga for. So just sit back and let us take care of the real music."

Oh no, he didn't. Oh no he fucking didn't. Not wanting to cause a big commotion during one of their biggest gigs ever, Gauge turned the other cheek as he watched the band walk on to the stage greeted with applause. And with no lead guitarist, they were practically sitting ducks. So what the fuck were those asshounds going to play? A Stranger I Remain, of course. A song with that not only needs a lead guitarist, but also has female vocals throughout the song.  She should've fucked right off into the opposite direction, but Gauge wanted to watch those fuckers fail. And boy did they. The beats were off as fuck and the singing was just nearing the edge of Chad Kroeger. She was honestly surprised that the boo's didn't come as soon as the first note of pre-recorded music didn't flow through the speakers. After a good minute, the boo's echoed throughout the stage as Gauge laughed at the band's expense. Then a cackle as tomatoes flew onto the stage. And then a gasp as she noticed people started to leave. Knowing they'd be laughing stocks, Gauge grabbed her guitar, plugged the bad boy and rushed onto stage.

And as soon as that her fingers touched those strings, the crowd started to clamor as they bore witness to Gauge's skills, especially when she belted out the chords to the beginning of I Believe in a Thing Called Love AND sung along with it, to which the crowd reacted too extremely well! And as the last chord was struck on her guitar and Spike crawled away in utter defeat, Gauge knew that this was a huge step in her music career. And boy was she right!

"Electrifying Witch Lights up TerrorDome!" "Tasty Licks and Tasty Kicks!" "Hail, Hail, The Wicked Witch!" These headlines and many more praised Gauge's eccentric guitar skills and over-all likeability. And while she was absolutely delighted with this, her band wasn't. More specifically, Spike wasn't. With his name sullied and his band "poisoned" in his own terms, furious that his "one time chance of fame" was "stolen" by her and demanded that she stepped down as a lead guitarist and return to her position as a groupie.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-Yeah, how about no, shit-lord? You wanna run yourself and everyone else to the ground? Fine. Go ahead and do that. If you're gonna be so fuckin' anal about having your precious spotlight stolen away from you, then go ahead and take it back. I quit."

Shortly after, Gauge watched as the months went by as the band of 4 turned to 1, each of the members revealing in interviews about their general dislike for Spike and his massive ego. Hard to think the guy is still going solo...

But with that part of her life done, Gauge set her guitar down and gave music a break, wanting to focus on her personal life for a bit. This included brushing up more mechanic studying, spending more days with her mom and learning more about her magic side, and even welcoming a new little sister into her life thanks again to her wonderful parents.

Cut to a few months later and word gets to Gauge about an idol group looking for recruits. Idols? They were about music stuff, right? Oh, this'd be awesome! She'd just show them her guitar skills and then- ohwaittheyweremostlyvocalright? fffffffffffffUCK. Well, it doesn't hurt to try out right? Besides, there was that group of chicks who sung to metal chords, right? And she had some sort of singing talent, right? And nearly everybody needs a mechanic, so if worst was to come she could always help out and provide some lighting/special effects stuff. So with a deep breath and confident stride, Gauge approached the three and showed off her stuff, some guitar riffs here, some singing there and of course a quick rundown of her mechanic experience including her self constructed arm. Call it luck, or call it nervous hope, but Gauge was accepted as the fourth member of the PLS crew. And so began a new journey for the 20 year old! A journey sure to be filled with action, adventure, thrills and maybe a few high risk battles here and there! Either way, Gauge is ready to tackle the future!

"Heaven or Hell, Ladies and Gentlemen! Let's rock!"

Relations with others:

Stud: Upon first meeting, Gauge was a bit nervous of Stud seeing how she knew her shit while she was a simple freshman when it came to idol stuff, but after getting to know her a tad more and getting chummy with the rest of the group.

Maseukeu: Holy Moses, what an absolute cutie! Gauge thinks of Masku like a little sister, and half of the time forgets that the tiny little blueberry is nineteen. But shortness aside, Gauge see's the potential in Masku and is always there to cheer on for her band-mate.

Knee-High:  Couldn't have asked for a better person deserving of the title "Mom". She accepts the mistakes she has made and has come to love her ever so much. If you ever go through Gauge's phone, expect to see mostly selfies of these two.

  • Making music
  • Her fellow bandmates
  • Spicy food
  • Her prosthetic arm
  • Autumn
  • Horror games
  • Any form of Rock, especially 80's rock
  • Pulling pranks
  • Homemade food
  • Parties
  • Her work (Both outside and inside of music)
  • Electronic music
  • B-movies
  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Any form of reptile or amphibian, tbh
  • October
  • Witch stuff
  • Her band-mates


  • Menenists ("HA! No seriously though, fuck off, buddy.")
  • Lonely people
  • Procrastination
  • Over sweetened stuff
  • Bullies
  • Lazy workers (JUST....DO IT.)
  • Ass-kissers


  • Started off as an I-NO expy but slowly became something more.
  • Outside of her idol work, she carries around a pair of reading glasses. Thank the lord for colored contacts and goggles other wise she'd be going on stage with one hand on her glasses.
  • Is a sucker for selfies and vines, especially band shenanigans. Girl just loves to have fun, what can she say?
  • Still keeps in contact with a few members from Loin Chorus, but Spike can fuck off a bridge for all she cares.
  • Her vocals and guitar skills are akin to this lovely gem
  • Bisexual to a slight tinge. Guys are nice but man, there's a lot of pretty girls in the world. She just likes looking, ok?
  • The one person you'd never expect to be a craver for cuddling.
  • Demisexual as well.
  • Has an albino Burmese Python named Lovehunter, A tarantula named Ellory, Two rabbits (Zipper and normal) named Sensei and Tim-Tam, and a Thai cat named Varla. The last three are being taken care of by her mom.
  • Speaking of her mom, she and her are doing great! They have Bi-weekly meet ups every so often and their bond has slowly become more and more caring over time.
  • One of her favorite pranks to pull when meeting new people is having her am fall off after shaking someone's hand. It always gets a laugh out of her and it never gets old for her.
  • Monster girls/boys are her actual weakness, please don't judge her for her trashy needs in life.
  • You don't choose the witch life, the witch life chooses you. And gives you some of the best casual wear clothes ever.
  • Outside of work and college, Gauge does regular yoga exercises. Keeps the body in shape and the booty in place. B)
  • Knows English, Spanish and some Japanese and Chinese. She's also picking up ASL. You never know when the situation will strike!
  • WE-NO and U-NO started off as simple props but with through the magic power of sheer boredom and a few spare parts, Gauge made these two ridiculous weapons a working reality. Some call it a waste of time and energy, she calls it dedication.
  • Current pet project is making animatronic witch hat that she can wear and have it work as a recorder/speaker. And maybe some cars. Cars are really cool.
  • It's name is Stampy if you ever ask.
  • Gauge didn't get her namesake imbedded her until she was 11. For the time being, she always wore her dad's gauges around her fingers like rings.
  • Nothing personal against demons and angels, but she's got a lot on her plate personal wise before she can worry about which set of wings she'll be getting if the time ever comes. 
  • Chumhandle: engagedWitchlover
  • Her family consists of her two dads, Turtleneck and Sweatpants Carlin, her mom Knee-High and her adopted sister Crop-Top. "It's a pretty branched family, I gotta admit, but nonetheless, I love them all! They've supported me through the good and the bad and were actually pretty accepting of this Idol stuff, so even more props to them!"
  • Keeping with the theme of blue in her band, WE-NO and U-NO are a nicely painted blue. And you can't be a witch without some blue duds as well, now can you?

        Masku - :icongeneralleonhart:
        Stud - :iconsenseidezzy:
        Gauge, Knee-High - :iconzakutaku:
Through the magical power (and demands) of hitagashi and Eevelion ,  I give you this journal. God I haven't done one of these in a while. Two years maybe? I dunno, but here's the thing.

Comment anything and i will:

1. tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA for 20 seconds.

2. tell you a color you remind me of.

3. tell you an element I think you belong to. (water, fire, earth, air, etc.)

4. tell you what character you remind me of. (anime, manga, movies, books, etc.)

5. ask you a question, and you must answer.

6. tell you something that I like about you.

7. tell you what I would say if we woke up in the same bed together

8. tell you what food / flavor / smell you remind me of.

9.  guess your gender

10. tell you to put this in your own journal.

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: SBFC
  • Reading: Gangsta.
  • Watching: TOME
  • Playing: Dad Gone Ron Paul
Name: Greaves Andioro

Age: 28 (Born April 11th, 1997)

Height: 6'3

Species: Demon (Berserker)

Gender: Male

Rank: Serpent

Weapon: Za Wizardo, magically enhanced leg armor that boosts strength and speed.

Personality: Greaves has a very "top-dog" personality, always feeling the need to establish dominance whenever he can. However, he is smart with this boasting, only giving it towards those he feels that are weak and undeserving, especially his foes. He's also a thinker first, fighter second, always enlisting the help of others to reach his goal and willing to go the extra mile to achieve it. And if someone has to get hurt in the long run, so be it. They knew of the risk and it's their own fault if they fall. If they can keep up, then major props to them for doing so. Alongside that, he's also a tad bit of an egomaniac, and willing to do anything to protect his name and appearance if a challenege is issued towards him.


Hair: A flowing mane of golden goodness that's often tied into a ponytail. When that hairband goes off, expect blood to be shed.

Skin tone: Cardinal Red.

Eyes color: Gold.

Bio: The history of the Andioro family is definitely an interesting tale. He, a former gambler with connections with nearly everything the opposite of heaven during his times as a human, and She, an angel who had nothing but his last name to keep her from dropping off the edge of the heavenly clouds. Through their broken troubles, the two managed to make a decent family out of one another and welcome Greaves into their lives. But despite their new sin free life, something still laid within the two; a lust for power. Something that a young Greaves growing up began to harbor.

"Power, Greaves," His father would say, "It is what makes angels into gods, gods into legends, and legends into immortals. However, power with out a purpose is like an unneeded war. You must choose carefully whether certain battles are within your grasp or out of reach."

Over the years, Greaves begun training hard under both parents, be it combat and schooling. Eventually, the two parents sent him to the local high school on heaven, where during his time, Greaves learned a rather sickening truth.

Angels were actual shitlords.

At least, the ones he encountered. Whether they be power drunk, sex driven, or blinded by greed, Greaves grew to be disgusted by these angels and sought to do what his parents failed to; establish order. It started off simple, gain their trust and form an alliance. And over the months he had done so swimmingly, earning a spot in the student council thanks to both his hard work and his family name. Eventually, he worked his way up to President of the student council, and earning himself a well managed group of angels of whom he felt were worthy of working alongside with. To Greaves, this was the easiest part of his plan. What would follow next would involve a bit of dirty work. But if it meant restoring his family name and making at least part of heaven formidable and respected. And as he began his campaign for another term, some of the other members of council were a bit iffy about his new laws, specifically one major law which would separate the school into two borders; those who are verging to path to sin and those who aren't. This didn't fly with nearly any of the council members, especially one Angel by the name of Obi. Obi went so far as to add himself as a candidate for the next election. This decision caused a massive split between the two, and further stressed Greaves as the election went on, noticing many of the students were voting towards Obi.

"What exactly do those idiots even see in him? Does that oaf even know how to run a student council? Niceness alone isn't going to save this school from sin, dammit! Why doesn't anyone understand!? Fine....If this is what the future of heaven will be, then I have no choice but to interfere. Get ready, Ravissepto...Because it's time to fight fire with fire."

Pulling some strings from his families past connection back on there down days, Greaves managed to scrap together a small ghost in the shape of an jewel pendant. He knew the risk of bringing one up to Heaven and the consequences that would follow, but this was a stake that he would gladly take. The plan was simple really; pretend to let bygones be bygones with the Ravissepto boy, give him the disguised ghost and let everything fall accordingly to plan.

And while he was at it, that sister of his seemed to be quite envious of her brother's position. That'd be fun to work with as well, now wouldn't it?

And just like it was written out like a scripted scene, everything began falling into place so deliciously perfect. Obi's mind was already being warped by the ghost as it was made to and the siblings began fighting with one another. Oh, it was so, so perfect! But there was one missing ingredient that would make this plan work swimmingly; blood.

"No one would miss one or two filthy sinners, right?"

Fetching some fodder for the cannon, Greaves simply sat back and let the magic happen, stepping in at the right time to play the Scar to Obi's Simba, convincing the "murderer" to turn himself in. And while he was at it, might as well dispose of that sister of his as well. She was rounding her way to falling from sloth, anyway. And that ghost did it's job doubly well as it made for a good framing for the elder Ravissepto sibling. And now with those two out of the picture, the election was soon to be his! Or so he thought.

The elections had to be put on hold due to the scandals that had happened over the past month, leaving Greaves sitting pretty and his parents happy chappies because damn, son you brutal as fuck. However, as the days flowed by, people started getting suspicious of the boy wondering if he had any interactions with Obi and his sister during the days they were on school grounds. Police, students and faculty members of the school became more and more suspicious of the Andioro's until one day, Obi's parents paid a visit to the family, still in shock over the fact that they're children had done such horrid things. And as they talked, Obi's grandfather noticed something about the boy. A foul air emitting among the Andioro's. This got him a bit nervous and both mother, father, and grandfather became immediately suspicious of them.

Naturally concerned for their children, The Ravissepto's called in a police investigation for the Andioro residence, including a house search and interview with the three. Greaves's father was the first to bail out, spilling only half of the can of worms. His mother kept stoic, trying to play the guilt tripper route and storming out of the house. Greaves himself however, was a different case. Not only did he spill the rest of the can, he took the pile, microwaved the remains, served it to them a la flambe and told them to stick their limp dicks in it. And his response to fessing up?

"You want to know why I did all this?  Simple; I wanted order. Your son and daughter were but mere chess pieces for my plan to work. Your angels, these so called 'messengers of God' are beginning to fall even faster, officer. Lust, Wrath, Envy, almost everyday some idiotic bastard falls down to that damned city below and for what? To better themselves? To teach them to value of their place as an angel? A tiger never changes their stripe, no matter how noble one calls it. I was trying to save you, save them, save EVERYONE from falling. And if you don't fucking think that everything I'm telling you is not the truth, then you can pull that trigger right now officer and kill me. My plan is absolute and my methods are just. And if I have to resort to letting others fall because of it? So be it."

These words sealed the fate of the Andioro's as an execution was held that day for both of Greaves's parents. And while he flinched as their limp bodies hit the floor, he shed not a tear for either of them. They were weak in carrying out their part of the plan and in a way, he felt as if they deserved it. Nothing but old hermits trying to reach towards a king's gold. But as for Greaves, the swift blade of death would not greet him today. Instead, his soul was torn from his body, cast into the never-ending nothingness of purgatory and his body cast to the Earth, his former angelic body now turned to mortal and left to rot with the demon filth he associated himself with. Left alone to die alone with his legacy left to dust.

Or so he and many others thought.

The body rose as Greaves began to breath new life, and as he woke he would find that this body was not the same. As it was when he fell from above. His skin was a deep crimson and horns jutted out from his head. Where heaven had abandoned him, hell had welcomed him and gave him a chance to begin anew.

And as he traveled the world wondering where the fuck he was on this globe, he found that the Andioro name was about as useful as one whole haypenny. So yeah, he got his ass handed to him a bunch of times, most of these time caused by him as he learned more about his little "tantrums" as a new Berserker. And the more he learned about demons, the more he began warming up to this new body of his. And as his "tantrums" became less frequent, so did his toleration. Yes, he does still think angels are a nuisance, but some of them do have their chance moments. Come 2024, and Greaves makes his way to the gloryhole of a city that is Daten, joining HellCorp under Chap's rule. And man, life was good. Sure, a few of these demons were...questionable, but order was great and diplomacy had yet to fail. And then she saw her. Sleeves. Alive and surprisingly well. But if that meant she was here then that meant...

"Oh yes..."

The demon had never felt such glee in his life. If the Ravissepto's couldn't be allies, then they sure as hell will be his rivals. And with 2025 being a total brawl fest, he had plenty of time to train and take down those two. And the sooner that he could crush those two under his feet, the faster that he could show off his presence, and maybe, just maybe...A new reign of order would be in his grasp.

Opinions of others:

Chapeau:  "Chapeau has nearly everything I was looking for in a leader. She has the brains, the strength, the commitment, and even a bit of wit to spare. She's nothing like those air-headed heathens back in heaven."

Captain Forage and Kit:  "Amazingly, not all of those feathered flukes are useless. While they do act aloof, they manage to get the job done and surprisingly well. That and...well, they are ridiculously adorable with one another.

Chaleco: "Ah yes, Chalice, was it not? The boy is quite handy with his bat and perhaps a BIT too over-energetic. But he does make a formidable ally, I will say.

Mantle: "Ah, what a species! Such power! Such dignity! Such respect! A fine choice for a commander if I do speak for anyone. That "Cheery" persona on the other hand...

Pencil Skirt: "Who IS this child? Honestly, how did she even get a ranking. Personality is fine per se, but that strange craving of hers leaves something else to be discussed. What does that Chalice boy see in her?

Mousquetaire: "While I've yet to personally speak with Miss Cerise herself, I do see quite the fighter in her. She carries an air of both sophistication and professionalism given her experience with film reviews. I should take some time to get to know her more."

"Amazing to see that pushover of an angel actually doing something productive instead of lazing about."

Obi: "No comment."

  • Order
  • People actually doing their jobs
  • Hard work
  • Power
  • Autumn 

  • Liars
  • Slackers
  • Obi
  • Under/Overcooked food
  • Obi
  • Disorganization
  • Obi
  • Weakness in people
  • No seriously, Fuck you Obi.
  • Also Sleeves


  • Has a pet zipper bat named Dydoe that is the littlest fucking shit.
  • His Henshin Theme
  • "WRYYYY" is a common sound in his vocabulary, mostly used in times of distress or whenever he has a tantrum
  • Power and Domination are an absolute turn on for him and chances are if you have one of the two, you'll be fine with him.
  • Satan save you if you get him drunk because he'll actually be affectionate.
  • That little ghost he used to fuck up Obi back up in heaven was nerfed to hell in order to get it up in heaven. The real deal on the other hand? He's got some big, BIG plans with that.
  • Has gotten his hands dirty and said some shit, but still pukes a bit in his mouth whenever he see's Lemonparty like whAT THE FUCK.
  • Is it not much for a man to ask for just a teeny tiny reign? Just a bit? At least long enough to get either Ravissepto sibling.
  • Social skills comes to him with ease, but he does like to keep his friend list small. The less drama, the better. He's here for to wage battles, not play therapist.
  • Get's off to fighting so hard, it's often porn for him to see someone get the utter shit beaten out of them. Especially if he's the one doing the wrecking.

Greaves,Obi,Sleeves - :iconzakutaku:

Cap,Chap - :icongeneralleonhart:

Kit - :iconfaroresvault:

Chaleco,Pencil - :iconsenseidezzy:

Mantle - :icontheprophetgamer:

Mousquetaire - :iconever-so-nitro:

Through the magical power (and demands) of hitagashi and Eevelion ,  I give you this journal. God I haven't done one of these in a while. Two years maybe? I dunno, but here's the thing.

Comment anything and i will:

1. tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA for 20 seconds.

2. tell you a color you remind me of.

3. tell you an element I think you belong to. (water, fire, earth, air, etc.)

4. tell you what character you remind me of. (anime, manga, movies, books, etc.)

5. ask you a question, and you must answer.

6. tell you something that I like about you.

7. tell you what I would say if we woke up in the same bed together

8. tell you what food / flavor / smell you remind me of.

9.  guess your gender

10. tell you to put this in your own journal.

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: SBFC
  • Reading: Gangsta.
  • Watching: TOME
  • Playing: Dad Gone Ron Paul


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